My 5 Essentials for the First 5 Days

by - September 28, 2016

Baby Holding Human Finger

Now that Milo and I have some time at home under our belts, I have compiled a list of five things we couldn't do without during our first five days together.

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1. Nipple Balm
I have chosen to breastfeed Milo and that comes with all sorts of pros and yes even cons. In the begining he had a "Tongue Tie" which is common and the doctor took care of it at our first newborn appointment. However, it caused his latch to be rough not having his tongue to block his lower gum line. It became very painful to feed him and I'm still recovering. I started using the Nipple Balm I got from the Honest Company. It's food grade, organic, and plant based. I don't have to worry about removing it before he eats either. I even use it when I pump to help nourish my poor bits back to health.

Click the link below to check out the whole range of The Honest Company's products for yourself.

2. Honest Organic Healing Balm
Milo had a circumcision performed in the hospital. So we have to keep his healing boy parts from sticking to the diaper. Putting a little Honest Organic Healing Balm inside the diaper helped, and allowed him to heal.

3. Nursing Pillow 
OK if you are on the fence of if this is a necessity or not. IT IS!! I honestly use this pillow for everything. Feeding, holding, sleeping... Milo co sleeps with me at night in his nursing pillow and in his pack n play nursery during his naps. It has made breastfeeding more manageable and comfortable for us both. I highly recommend getting one. I ordered mine from they sent me a coupon code to share with you good for $40.00 off!!

Promo Code 61649FBE2

4. Gerber Baby Long Sleeve Side Snap Mitten Cuffs Shirt
Milo is always rubbing and scratching his face. We tried newborn mittens and even put socks on his hands but neither worked well. These shirts have built in hand covers which means he can't wiggle out of them. He is a master escape artist. We love them, cute design, functional, and with them being white it can be an undershirt or something that just matches everything.

5. Car Seat Canopy
I adore our car seat canopy. It dresses up the car seat/baby carrier, but also shields baby from weather, and the public while out and about. Him being covered deters strangers, for the most part, from getting close or wanting to touch baby with their germ ridden paws. We have already left the house quite a few times and it has really come in handy. Also it blocks him from all the stuff going on around so he can relax and sleep. I ordered mine from  and they also gave me a promo code to share with you!

Promo Code 364AC91CB

So there it is. That's our list of baby essentials. I was pretty stressed during my pregnancy. Worried I didn't have everything Milo would need. However, babies are pretty basic. They honestly don't need much. A lot of what you see is propaganda. I hope this list helps you. These are honestly my top 5 most useful things. Leave a comment below if you take advantage of the promo codes. I'd love to see the designs you pick!

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