Labor & Delivery: Part 1

by - September 28, 2016

I came to a decision after talking with Michael, Dr. Beale, and the nurses at the hospital. We decided to go forward with induction and scheduled for me to be admitted, Sunday September 18th at 5:00 p.m. Leaving the hospital after my NST test was finished all I had left to do was wait. Knowing I had a plan took some of the edge off so I decided to try to relax. A bubble bath it was, nurses orders after all! That's when I noticed some bleeding. I called my hospitals nurses station and they said that is a sign of labor and to come into the hospital right away. So I got my hospital bags together and started heading out the door. Michael noticed my actions and asked what I was doing and where I was going. After the way he acted that day during our appointment with Dr. Beale and all through the NST testing I was not in a hurry to include him. I wanted to be supported and encouraged during my labor, not having to take care of this selfish man child. I chose to tell him anyways. "I'm showing signs of labor, the nurses at the hospital told me to come in." He said he wanted to be there. So he took his sweet time getting ready and hoped in the car. I was surprisingly calm. Jamming out to the radio the whole way there. He barely said a word.

We get to the hospital and check in through the ER, like the nurse on the phone instructed. Despite the fact that I pre registered my labor and delivery, I did have to give them all my info again. That was really frustrating. I don't know if the hospital here has a bad system, a staff that is just inadequate, or poor communication but the last thing I wanted to do while in labor was to be asked a bunch of stupid questions and fill out paperwork. That's why I pre registered in the first place. However, after I was finished it wasn't long before we were called back and they escorted us up to L&D. The nurses had me change into an incredibly unflattering hospital gown and hooked me up to continuous monitoring. I did not want continuous monitoring in my original birth plan, but at this hospital it was policy, I had no choice. The noises, my blood pressure being taken every 10 min, and the not being able to move due to the monitors devices made things extremely uncomfortable. Once again Michael continued with his whining and complaining, just like before. We continued this for a few hours before they decided to send us to continue labor at home due to under staffing. My induction was the next day, so I went home and got back in the tub.

After spending one last night in my bed I woke up and it was induction day! I tried to talk with Michael about how it upset me that he had been acting so selfish, unsupportive and immature but that of course that led no where. He just stared at me once again with that infuriating blank expression. That evening I ended up going back to the hospital alone. I told him if he couldn't be supportive I didn't want him there, so the choice was his to stay home. Once at the hospital I had to check in AGAIN. The administrator said she couldn't find my information in the system nor could she find my folder from the previous night. Hopefully pre registering at other hospitals isn't a nightmare like this. Once checked in, me and my bags made our way back up to L&D. I even got the same room as I was in before. So just like before, I changed into my atrocious 1980's hospital gown, and got hooked up to the monitors. The only difference this time was the nurse gave me a drug called Cervidil. This was placed right underneath my cervix to help with the defacing process. Not the most comfortable insertion, since my lady business had been tender from all the pressure for quite sometime. After that was done she warned me someone will be in shortly to take some blood samples and start my IV. Never a pleasurable process, but at this point in my pregnancy I was a pro at being poked with needles.

Now that all the medical stuff was done, I was told all I had left to do was wait. The Cervidil stays inserted for 12 hours, which meant Pitocin wouldn't be starting till 5 a.m. the following morning. So I put on some Friends on Netflix, got comfy, and ordered a pizza. I was starving and once morning came I could no longer eat. All I could have once the Pitocin was started were good Ole fashioned ice chips.

Even with my music playlist, Netflix and a book a friend sent me I started to feel really lonely. Not a surprise since loneliness was something I had grown accustomed too through out my pregnancy. I had just hoped that once I moved out here things would be different then they were. If during nothing else at least during Milo's arrival. I decided to try to get some sleep and put these thoughts in the familiar place in the back of my mind. With all the noises, monitors, and contraptions I was hooked up too, it was difficult to fall asleep. Even with the Ambien the doctor prescribed. All that aside I was able to get a bit of sleep. I knew the next day would be hard, but I never expected what was to come.

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