Week 30... Lincoln Highway Extravaganza

by - July 29, 2016

Here I am, at another pregnancy milestone, 30 weeks! Not much time left before baby Milo will finally be here and this morning I am loading my car with the last bits of my belongings to set across the country on a road trip. Today is the day I leave for my move to Nevada. Yep, this is my life and my second cross country road trip during this pregnancy. People say my travels will come to an end once Milo is here but I think just the opposite. I think they are just getting started. I can't wait to watch his eyes sparkle when he sees something special for the first time. Looking out into the vastness of the Grand Canyon or Zion National park. Witnessing him admire and question himself in the overwhelming size of the red wood trees in California or ocean from the cliffs of Oregon. I have been dreaming of what those moments will be like for the past thirty weeks.

Traveling while pregnant isn't the easiest thing to do. Trruuusssttt me girl! There are extra stops, packing of various different snacks (cuz you never know what you are going to want) and the added discomforts. I even packed some toilet paper, just in a case there wasn't a fuel station or rest area around, but fortunately there were quite a bit of places to stop along the Lincoln Highway. Every stop, I made sure to walk around a bit. Either throughout the travel center or outside. I got to see some pretty cool stuff along the way as well. I was also sure to book hotels that offered continental breakfast. So that was one less thing I had to worry about and plan for. Breakfast also gave me the motivation to wake up early and hit the road. I was trying not to waste any time during this trip.

Day 1
My first stop was Davenport, Iowa. 8.5 hours away from my starting point in Ohio. Took me about 10 hours total, my longest and first day of the Lincoln Highway road trip to Nevada. I stopped at a Kroger and got some drinks and snacks in Bucyrus Ohio. About two hours in. From there I tried to make only fuel stops knowing this day was scheduled to have the most miles. Once into Davenport I stopped to grab a bite of dinner and head to the hotel. Pizza Hut  is what caught my eye and I got a salad and personal cheese pizza. As I'm waiting for my pizza to cook I start nibbling on the veggies in my salad. All of a sudden as I'm biting into a carrot I hear a crack and an intense pain shoots through my mouth. Thinking to myself, this is all I need, more dental pain. I have had the worst dental pain throughout this whole pregnancy. My dentist mentioned that dental issues are not uncommon during pregnancy. As the baby is pulling nutrients from where ever he can get them. Teeth have high amounts of calcium and sometimes can be known to suffer deficiency and weaken during pregnancy. I finally get to my hotel I struggle to eat my dinner, brush my teeth in the hopes it will help dull the pain, and take a bath.

Day 2
As I woke from one of the worst nights sleep I have ever had, I decided to take a Tylenol. My tooth was still throbbing. I wasn't going to let that stop me. I went downstairs and made my breakfast. Once I was finished I packed my bags and lugged them back to my suv. Carrying luggage and my personal belongings is far more difficult to do with a 30 week pregnant belly sticking out in your way. Back on the road I headed west towards my next stop of North Platte, Nebraska. Sitting for long periods of time my feet and legs would swell and go numb. It was hard to get comfortable behind the wheel, sense I was doing this trip alone. Thank god for cruise control and barren highway. I was able to adjust myself into some temporarily comfortable positions, I'm sure some highway patrol wouldn't approve of. On the western edge of Iowa I hit a terrible rain storm. Other drivers and semis were pulling off to the side of the road. The rain was coming down so hard it was practically blinding my view of the road. The sky was dark as night in the middle of the afternoon. I am more cautious driving these days, but also didn't want to waste any time. So I drive parallel to a semi. He helped block the rain and winds so I could see to drive. Once I made it a few miles into Nebraska the storms dissipated and it was back to sunny skys. Honestly that was one of the most terrifying storms I have ever witnessed and had me wishing Michael was driving with me. He can be an ass behind the wheel but he is a good driver when need be. Once I got to the hotel and got some dinner I put my sausage feet up, indulged in some trashy reality tv, and passed out. I was exhausted.

Day 3
Good morning Nebraska! This town had some touristy things to do. Today was a shorter driving day so I decided to check out some of the things in town. I explored Fort Cody and wandered around a Buffalo Bill museum. I even picked up a set of novelty cowboy boot glasses for Micheal. It was nice to get out and do something other than drive and the attractions were free! Definitely a place on the list for Milo to check out once he is a bit older. Back on the road headed to Rock Springs, Wyoming I noticed there would be some mountains starting to emerge. For some reason going over mountains my car started to get a little warmer than normal. That had me a bit worried. I called Michael to check with him on it and he had me check it for leaks and fluids. Getting down to look under my car had to be a sight to see for the people in the parking lot. It was definitely a challenge for me. Everything looked fine. So I carried on. Wyoming had some incredible views, down right breathtaking. There was also one of the coolest rest stop I have ever seen. It was home to the Lincoln monument and wild wild west museum. I found a rest stop being an odd place for such attractions but I wandered around anyways to keep my blood flowing.
As I entered into Rock Springs I thought to myself I could live here. It's a charming little town with all kinds of attractions and things to do. My hotel had a pool and I considered using it but I was too tired. I just decided to try some Dicky's BBQ for the first time and head to my room for the night. I had some of the weirdest cravings throughout this trip.

Day 4
This is my final day of travel. I leave Wyoming pass through SLC and the rest of northern Utah and head right into Elko, Nevada. I actually got to sleep in this morning. Michael doesn't get off work till around 6 in the evening. With the time change and this being my shortest travel day I had tons of time to kill. So I slept in, wrote for a while, took a long shower, and actually did my hair and makeup for a change. I havent pampered myself much throughout this pregnancy and it actually made me feel really good about myself. I even took some selfies. Back on the road entering into Utah it's like the whole world changes and you are in a totally different place. The scenery is so incredibly beautiful I had to pull over and just take it in. I also pasted through Park City which if any of you remember from previous posts was one of the neighborhoods we looked at on my last trip to Utah. It's so charming and full of rustic mountain views and attractions. The mountains, charm, and activities is definitely one of many reasons I choose to raise my son out here vs. Ohio. Entering into the city I decided to stop for some lunch. This baby has me hungry and I still had so much time to waste so I found a diner to sit down and relax at. Black Bear Diner! The cutest place ever. Possibly my new favorite restaurant! Definitely making Michael take me here for my birthday. Cute black bears and little cubs were everywhere. If you don't know already I am a sucker for a rustic theme and bears are my favorite. Hence my baby shower and Milo's soon to be nursery. After my lunch I thought twice about desert... and chose to splurge on a chocolate mouse pie! It was pure heaven. I have tried to eat healthy throughout this pregnancy but sometimes you have to treat yourself and I did! Leaving Salt Lake I drove over this area called the Salt Flats. Michael has sent me numerous photos while on his travels crossing over them but the photos didn't do it justice. Once of the coolest things I have ever seen. After a few hours of no radio signal and road construction I finally made it into Elko. Even though I was tired I went to pick up some things for our new apartment. Just most basics like trash cans, towels, etc. I still had some time to kill before Michael got off work. My first impression of the town was that it's not so bad. We live in the newer end so it's a nice neighborhood and everything we need is super close. It's a mining town forsure with all the flagged pick up trucks driving around but for now I'm just glad we are all together.
Time to settle in...

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