Week 28... Thankful

by - July 07, 2016

I had my last check up with Dr. Funk this week. Milo's heartbeat sounded great. My belly now measures 26 inches, which he said is right on track! I really like the Medina hospital, the nurses in the practice, and even Dr. Funk cracked a smile this week. Now with a move in date of July 15th for the apartment in Elko, I will no longer be a patient of the practice. I'll be leaving for my second pregnant cross country roadtrip the morning after my baby shower on the 18th, so I am in search of a new ob. I am kind of sad to leave my practice and start all over this late in the game with someone new, but I knew this day would come. At this point as long as someone, anyone really, hands me a healthy baby, I'll be ok. I asked the Dr. if there are anymore major appointments left before delivery, besides check ups, and all that is left before the big day will be a culture screening. That will check for any infections or imbalances before delievery. That eases some stress. Not having to worry about missing any tests or major appointments throughout the moving process and search of a new doctor, is nice.
My baby shower is planned and everything is ordered. From the location, menu, to decor, everything is done. All that is left to do now is just wait and handle RSVP's. Just waiting for the day to finally arrive, I am anxious/excited. This will be the last time I see many of these people, for sometime. Unless they come west to visit, which for the record I am not oppsed too. After my move, I will be focusing on nesting and keeping my first ever newborn baby alive. I am just hoping for a happy relaxing day with great people. Beth has been so sweet to do this for me, when no one else had the desire. I didn't know anything about planning a baby shower before she stepped in. I started planning it myself, I didn't even know that was a no no. Throughout my life I have had some really special woman step into place where a mother is supposed to be. I almost considered not even having a baby shower due to some cruel intentions of my family. Thanks to Beth's unwavering kindness she made me see that Milo and I deserve to be celebrated and supported, and the people who don't believe so don't matter. Through out this journey, many of you know, that isn't something we have had much of, celebration and support. So that makes this all the more special.

With this weekend being the fourth of July, Milo's movements have been out of control. To the point of being painful. He must hate fireworks as much as I do. I have never been a fan of the spontaneous loud KABOOM. Driving this weekend, also had my nerves on edge. Twice, I was almost ran off the road by, I'm assuming, a drunk driver. I am far more cautious driving now that I am carrying precious cargo, and it drives me insane when people harass me on the road. Even with the "Baby On Board" sticker on the back window of my suv, people still continued to drive like maniacs. I even had three grown men invade my personal space, in typical fourth of July gear, just to run up to me and yell "Merica" in my face. I am all for celebrating your country, but this is one holiday I just don't partake much in. I stayed home most of the weekend and binge watched Netflix while practicing my squats.
I was told, from the chiropractor stepping in for Dr. G while he is on vacation, getting comfortable in a squatting position can loosen up muscles, open the pelvis, and make labor and delivery easier. By the way, going to the chiropractor a couple times a week has done wonders for my back and neck. It has even helped relieve some stress tension, ease those headaches I was having, and keep everything in line while my body changes. I have suffered from previous injuries and with me being a little more front heavy these days, added pressure and pain in the back and neck is normal. The adjustments and prenatal massages really have been working their magic. Not much about pregnancy is comfortable, but if you find something that eases the discomforts stick with it. Anything from something bigger like a massage or mattress topper to even the small things like a new pillow or slippers. Easing discomfort eases stress. Trust me the less stress the better.

As much as I tried to not have to buy maternity clothes, I finally caved in. There was a huge sale at one of my favorite stores, H&M, over the weekend. With their already reasonable prices the holiday sale was just icing on the cake. I ordered some leggings, which I am in love with, some basic tops, lingerie for nursing, and some other misc things. I even found a large shopper hand bag I may use as a diaper bag/purse, once Milo arrives. In all honesty, I now recommend getting maternity clothes as soon as you can. I am much much more comfortable now that I am no longer trying to stubbornly fit into my pre pregnancy clothes. My body is different now, time to give in and just embrace it. I went more for comfort and basics that I can mix and match into different looks over the trendier styles. Much more efficient than purchasing a bunch of statement pieces I will only wear for a short time.

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