Week 27... Less Miles = Less Stress

by - June 30, 2016

I have had the most infuriating and complicated time finding a place for us to live. From where, all the way, to what. I have looked at apartments, condos, and houses for what feels like a lifetime. From Salt Lake to Southern Utah, we even considered Las Vegas, for a short time. (My familiarity from living there before and my friends made it a possibility) I am so relieved and glad to say we finally, FINALLY, found a place. We even have an estimated move in of three weeks. Which is perfect timing for me to go through with having my baby shower! I will find out an exact date next early week from the property manager. I don't know why we didn't open this up as an option sooner, but we decided it would be best, especially in the beginning, to be all together in Elko, NV.

With Michael there, being close to his job, it makes sense. He wants to try to keep up the longer shifts till the end of the year. (He may be small, but he is mighty... or insane) So if the baby and I were seven hours away in southern Utah, he wouldn't have the opportunity to bond with Milo as much we desire. Honestly, I have never been a fan of living alone anyway, I can be a bit high strung from time to time, and with a newborn soon to arrive we both agreed this is the best option. It would be nice to be closer to Michaels parents, but even then Cedar is still two hours away from the tiny town they call home. I'm sure with as much as Michael hates the city of Elko we will make plenty of trips down.
He warned me from the beginning that Elko is no place to raise a child, it's a mining town in Nevada, with industries that cater to the "hard" working man, but for now, I wholeheartedly believe it's better for us all to be together. Our new place is in the nicer end of town and his work along with restaurants and shopping are only moments away. This move gives us the opportunity to figure everything else out in life, and focus on Milo as much as possible. There is so much time before Milo starts school, heck he isn't even born yet, making the sacrifice to be in Elko, for now, gives us the time to really devote to finding a neighborhood and schools we really like in Utah vs rushing into something like we were.

We have been at each others throats on and off during past weeks. My fears and stress of not having things in place before Milo's arrival were maxed out, and Michael has been working these practically month long shifts and going through his own issues. We have never been afraid of taking our stresses out on each other, but now that we finally have a plan, a weight has been lifted from us both. We can start to move in the same direction and have even begun getting excited for things to come. Even though we are thousands of miles apart, for now, I can still feel there is less tension. I hope this has been a learning experience for the both of us and we can learn to deal with stress, issues and pressure more as a team for the future. Whatever our relationship status may end up being one day we will be in each others lives. Working together and learning how to support each other is something that will make all three of our lives so much easier.

Lately my belly has been rapidly growing. Hopefully I'll be able to reach my steering wheel to even make the drive from Ohio to Nevada when the time comes. Milo has been more active than ever, as well. For about the past week I have noticed a change in the amount of pressure. As he grows and things adjust to accommodate him, added pressure is common, so I am told. I have been experiencing shortness in breath and difficulty breathing when I am sitting up or walking around. Sometimes I even feel dizzy like I may pass out. Normally just a change in position or lying down helps. I was pretty small despite my lack of athleticism before pregnancy, so with that my doctor thinks that I'll experience a little more discomfort than someone who is bigger and more active. The good thing is Milo sits nice and high which, I was told, is great for a normal birth. Even though I feel like he is sitting right on my lungs, that makes me happy. Babies that sit lower tend to not be in the best position for birth and more often require a c section. Which unless they found a way to not leave a scare and make me instantly skinny again, I am not a fan.  Added pain, risks of infection, longer recovery time are all things associated with a c section. Staying hydrated during the heat is also something I have been struggling with. It is so important to drink plenty of fluids, expecially water, but I can taste it. All through out my pregnancy water tastes different. I even changed brands and styles. I am too the point of forcing myself to just drink it. Which is sad because I used to drink water like a fish. Drinking lots of water will hydrate not only the baby and inside of the body, but the skin cells too. Adding elasticity to the skin while it is expanding helps reduce stretch marks and spotting. I don't know about you but I am all for reducing my tiger stripes as much as possible.

I am hoping for a fast and uncomplicated recovery so I can get back to a normal, maybe more active lifestyle, after Milo arrives. I was just starting to really get into a fitness routine and gained healthier eating habits before my pregnancy. I have tried to eat as healthy as possible during the past 27 weeks but cravings and just typical baby weight gain are just a part of the journey. I try to make more mindful choices as often as I can. A hazel nut spread vs a chocolate bar. A bowl of mixed fruits vs pies or deserts. A smoothie or sorbet vs ice cream. Before my pregnancy I wasn't too big into sweets but this baby must be a sweetheart because I think I ate like five pieces of cake around my mother's birthday in the end of May.

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