1st. Half Favorites & Must Haves

by - May 14, 2016

So some of you have requested and/or asked me, what my favorite or must have pregnancy items have been? I wanted to definitely try some things out and make sure the items I have tried I gave proper time too. We all know the situation where we buy something with the mind set of, "I am going to love this!" Just to be disappointed a couple weeks down the road. So over the past twenty weeks these are some items I have loved!

1. Memory Foam Mattress Topper I honestly don't know where I or my back would be without it. My bed in Utah was comfortable, but my bed in Ohio not so much. It is very firm which is good and with the memory foam it has become the perfect mix of comfort and support. Seriously get one. Now if you have the funds I would recommend getting the gel memory foam. It's cooling and if you are like me and going to try to survive the summer heat during your journey, it's worth the splurge.

2. Vita fusion Prenatal Gummy Vitamins with DHA I have been mixing them with Flintstones. I try (I sometimes forget, what are you going to do) to take one gummy vitamin in the morning with a Flintstones and another around lunch. With the higher amount of water I have been consuming, I don't want to flush out all my extra vitamins. So the 2 step dosing helps keep a constant circulation going in my body.

3. BPA free water bottles I normally don't buy cases of water, due to environmental reasons. However, it is much easier to manage my intake when it is portioned out in individual bottles. I drink five to six 16.9 fl oz bottles a day. Yes, it is a lot but of course I recycle. I also haven't given up my green tea, so there are even more fluids. Coffee went out the window early in my pregnancy but I need my green tea.

4. Ear plugs I have been loving ear plugs for many reasons. Being pregnant comes hand and hand with fatigue. I am often tired and not everyone or everything around me is on my mommy to be schedule. With it being spring it is also time for construction, lawn mowing, and kids playing outside. They are also great for keeping out the sounds of drama. I wish I would have gotten them sooner. Damn pregnancy brain lol

5. Fruits I know everyone is different but luckily throughout this pregnancy I haven't craved too much junk food. This boy loves everything fruit. Fruit snacks, fruit strips, raw fruits, grilled fruits, baked fruits, smoothies...! Try to up your veggie and fruit intake during pregnancy. Switch out those chips for a fruit salad or veggies and dip. It will help balance your weight gain and you can get away with eating a bunch of healthy snacks vs junk food.

6. Nutrition Drinks I have been trying different types of nutritional drinks. I like the Carnation Complete Nutrition best so far. They may not be organic or natural, but they do have 10 grams of protein. These drinks are packed with calcium, vitamins, and minerals. I had terrible food aversions, as many of you probably remember reading, during my first trimester. Drinking these helped get the protein and nutrients I needed and weren't hard on my stomach. I highly recommend trying different ones to see which ones work for you if you are going through morning sickness or food aversions.

7. Body Pillow I know everyone talks about a body pillow, but for real girl, just cave in and get one! I honestly have the hardest time sleeping without it! My pillow keeps me supported and off my stomach. (I'm a stomach sleeper) It's comfortable for sitting up, laying down, or I sometimes use it as a table when I'm eating snacks in bed. (Yall done it, don't lie) Target has some nice ones and Kohl's if you have one around with a home section.

8. Reusable Shopping Bags I have yet to see this in any other blogs or videos, but a must have for me. I shop for myself and I eat a lot of fresh foods and produce that expire quickly. So to save myself from being wasteful I got some reusable shopping bags, nothing fancy but they do their job. When shopping I only get what fits in the bags. Now in my second trimester, making up for my food aversions during my first, everything looks good when walking into the market. I also never know what I will be craving through out the week. So the shopping bags have definitely  helped me be more reasonable in my buying.

9. Body Creams, Lotions, & Butters I have been moisturizing anytime I remember and definitely every time I shower. I have made some of my own products that I have been loving. I am considering posting the lotions and things I have made myself on my Etsy Shop. I will leave the information below. I have also been using some products I purchased previously, back in Utah. The key here is to stay hydrated and moisturized. Some say stretch marks are genetic, or due to scratching itchy growing tummy's, but if I can do something to try to reduce my chances I'm all about it. Plus we should be moisturizing anyways for the health of our skin.

10. Suncreen & Sunless Tanner I have noticed being pregnant I burn much faster than ever before. It is always important to wear sunscreen. However, during pregnancy I recommend upping your SPF. I spend a lot of time camping, outside, and at festivals during my summers. After the long winters I am not giving up my warm summer sun. Normally, I would lay out on the beach or float on my raft. This summer is a bit different. To keep a healthy color I have been using a sunless tanning lotion. It has a firming agent that helps firm the skin too. My nurse said it actually helps during pregnancy to reduce stretch marks and firm skin using a sunless tanner. Try some different types to see what works best for your skin type.

These are some of my faves so far. I will be doing a 2nd Half Favorites towards the end of my pregnancy, so stay tuned. Comment below some of the things you have loved in the past or if you are expecting love now!!

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