Week 10... Take Me To Funky Town

by - March 09, 2016

Now that my medical coverage is switched, I started trying to make appointments. I have also had oral pain and swelling for days. But the baby comes first, so I started looking for a new midwife and/or doctor. After hours of calling obstetrician after obstetrician, and birthing center after birthing center, I became desperate for anyone who has any experience delivering babies. Everyone seemed to have their schedules booked up for weeks and some even months. I needed to find someone , anyone who could see me soon. The ruralness of Utah didn't really open the doors to prenatal health. Finally, I found Dr. Funk (no joke, real name), through a nurse referral. Not a female or a midwife, but he would do for now I told myself. I never realized by choosing a doctor, I was also choosing my hospital, the birth place of my baby. I very quickly knew my baby had to be born in Medina, not Barberton, or Akron. I like and am familiar with the Medina hopsital. I know multiple routes to get there in case of traffic and the staff has always been so friendly, professional, and prompt.

My plan of having a midwife and a natural water birth in a birthing center has kind of changed, like all the other plans I made for coming back home. However, I have accepted those changes. One thing I have not accepted is this terrible oral pain. Now that I found a obstetrician that would see me in a reasonable amount of time, it was time to focus on me. Every dentist I called either wouldn't see me because I am pregnant or doesn't take my medical coverage. I couldn't believe it. Only one dental assistant gave me any kind of information. She said I needed to wait till my appointment with the ob for them to schedule an appointment with the dentist. The dental office will need, what is called a, "Dental Release Form". She explained it as a form that releases medical fault if the dentist does something that harms the baby. That made me worry, all I want is a dentist to do their job and make my mouth stop hurting and swelling up like a chipmunk. I'm emotional and self conscious enough already, don't really need the cherry on top. So I waited...

Finally it's the day of my very first appointment with Dr. Funk. I am a ball of nerves. No idea what to expect. The nurse calls me back, hands me a welcome bag with goodies and a baby book, (goes over what to expect through out pregnancy, what to do and not to do, and even goes over new born and what to expect after baby) and starts explaining what will happen during my visit. After giving the doctor the date of conception 12/30/2015 and my last menstrual information he determined I am actually 11 weeks with a due date of 09/21/2016. My app or myself must have missed a week somewhere. My baby will be here in September, I figured that out before but it made it so much more official hearing a doctor say it.

Right after the very full exam of my lady business, doc brought out a small hand held machine. He said, "this is to hear the baby's heart beat. If we don't hear anything today don't worry, that is not uncommon." My heart sank so deep I felt it beating in my toes. The unbelievable thought that I might actually be able to hear my baby, ran through my mind and a smile came across my face. Of course, I instantly wanted to cry, as I do with just about everything, but the fear of not hearing anything levied my tears. He begun rolling a large dollop of cold goo around with the rounded extention of the machine. Ocean sounds filled the room, we didn't hear anything but my heart beat for what felt like hours. Till he looked up at me and said, "there it is". The fluttering soft heart beat of my baby. I have taken multiple tests during times of doubt and disbelief, thinking maybe I am not pregnant, maybe this isnt real, maybe the test was wrong, maybe there is just something wrong with me. They were all positive. But there in that medical room, at that moment, there was no denying. I was over come with emotions of love, happiness, excitement, and complete and utter fear. Even though I am not completely comfortable with the new ob, that is a moment I will remember forever.

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