Week 5... Hello Morning Sickness

by - February 03, 2016

Now, that I made my decision and talked with Michael about it, everything seemed like it was going to be... okay. I built my support system with my friend from home, who has been giving me amazing advise. Downloaded two pregnancy apps that are telling me all kinds of gross stuff I could probably live without. However, they have really good tips and features. I downloaded Baby Bump Pro and Pregnancy Pro. I like those the best, but there are plenty out there. Pregnancy Pro it is an extension of Women's Log Pro so if you already use that to track aunt flow and all her glorious symptoms then your info should transfer over like mine did.

I am a planner, always have been always will be. So all of this has come as a shock to me, but I'm surprised I haven't really freaked out yet. Trust me, I still have 35 weeks to freak out so maybe it's just delayed, maybe my brain hasn't caught up with reality yet. Whatever, strange mess my head has going on, I have been strangely calm and focused during this whole experience. I chose a doctor, a midwife in Cedar City, UT an hour and a half away from me, but hell I live on top of a damn mountain, not much around but open space and wildlife. That isn't going to stop me though, organic prenatal vitamins are ordered. I started a baby registry online at Target.com, which is already finished till we know the gender. I think it's a boy. Names are picked out already too.

One thing I didn't really plan for was the 24/7 nausea. I feel like at any moment I could barf. I thought morning sickness was called morning sickness because it happened in the MORNING. Nope! The qweezy feeling in my stomach isn't alone either, it brought some friends along for the party. Bloating, painful titties and cramping. Anytime I stretch, twist or move in any real direction, I have a strange pain in my abdominal area. That apparently is some kind of band that is stretching to hold my expanding uterus. I called my doctor, the clinic that is 30 miles away, and looked it up online. Oh and the bloating is out of control. I literally feel like I'm 6 months pregnant already. My favorite pair of jeans I planed on rocking on my vacation to Miami, gone and not to be seen till my amazing after baby body. I have been trying to drink a lot of water and reducing my sodium intake, thinking maybe that will help. I can taste a difference though. Water... Something I once loved now tastes like I got it from a mud puddle. On the up side My boobs look fantastic. When I can get over the throbbing nipple aches. It's to the point I'm afraid they may fall off.

The first time morning sickness reared it's nasty head I was in the shower. Beware of the dizziness by the way, especially in the shower. I started to feel like I was going to pass out. Of course that scared the hell out of me. I'm alone in my apartment and I didn't want myself or the baby to get hurt so I sat down. Then I got the feeling all hell was going to break loose, and I was right. I couldn't control it. Right there in the shower, vomiting uncontrollably. Hasn't happened since and I'm keeping my fingers crossed, but the nausea and dizziness follows me everywhere. My once unruly appetite has now, for this week anyways diminished. I know I need to eat something, anything but everything in my kitchen disgusts me. My once favorite foods smell, taste, or nearly the thought of turn me off. Pretzels and pickles have been my saving grace. Probably that last thing a doctor would say is a sustainable diet, but give me a break. I'm sure over the next few months my eating habits will be....Questionable to say the least.

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