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Monthly Sales - August

Lately I have been publishing some posts that have really gotten your attention! Some of my most popular posts are my budget tricks, hauls, and money saving tips. I have received so many emails, comments, and messages regarding questions on how I shop sales, promotions, closeouts, and get in my retail therapy at such discounted prices. I've been asked if I have a mole on the inside, even if I have magic psychic abilities. Unfortunately, there is no mole and I am not a supernaturally gifted. If I did have magic future seeing powers I would be at the race track and not working my magic in the retail sales market. I have decided to post a retail update once a month including all the sales, promotions and happenings going on in the shops I favor most, for me, Milo, and our home. I will update this post throughout the month as sales and promotions begin. So I suggest subscribing to my blog along with bookmarking each new "Monthly Sales" post for easy access to check for updat…

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